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Our own technologies

Enkrott created a line of proprietary products that, when associated to monitoring and control systems specifically developed for each Client, allows for adjusted and specific answers to the needs and requirements of the most demanding Clients in an expansion market.

The DSS DSS (Diveil Surface Sensor) is an innovative sensor applied within the scope of online, real time monitoring of the fouling tendency in the water circuits.

The Reverse Osmosis  and Ultrafiltration Systems  are both based on high quality, reliable and competitive membrane technologies, used in human consumption water production, laboratorial water, water reuse, desalination and industrial processed waters.

Multimedia Filtration  and ion-exchange technologies: Softening Systems  and Demineralization  , are options used in the technical solution developed by Enkrott on drinkable and industrial water applications.

Enkrott also possesses a vast experience and knowledge on the application and monitoring of chemical technologies, on Drinkable and Industrial Water .

As a complement to its production activities Enkrott still encompasses a wide range of partners in the area of water treatment technologies, which allows for a significant versatility and flexibility in the sector.

  • DSS
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultrafiltration Systems
  • Multimedia Filtration
  • Softening Systems
  • Demineralization
  • Drinkable Water
  • Industrial Waters